A Marvel-ous Surprise: Moon Knight Cosplayer Captivates Oscar Isaac at Premiere

The cosplayer had a memorable moment together with Oscar Isaac at the Moon Knight premiere!

Lights, camera, cosplays! On Wednesday, celebrities and cosplayers were seen walking the red carpet to attend the Moon Knight premiere in Los Angeles. Oscar Issac and Ethan Hawke from the series were both greeted by a large number of fans. However, nothing can compare to the thrill of Oscar Issac making a beeline to logandominiccosplay, who was wearing the Moon Knight costume. It was just too cute.

Logandominiccosplay immediately caught the attention of Oscar Issac, who ultimately set aside all other red carpet duties to say hello to the co-star. A high five between the two of them was exchanged, and Issac continued to demonstrate to Logan how to pose with the crescent dart that was in his palm. Issac described Logan’s attire and attitude, as they took a photo together, as “so strong”. As a cosplayer, gaining recognition for the hours of cosplay is an absolute satisfaction from the character who performs it. Before Logan met Issac, he posed with Marvel producer Kevin Feige who asked, “Can you spot anything in there?” regarding Logan’s cosplay. Ethan Hawke did not take any photos with people when he showed up but also walked straight to the cosplayer and held his hand out to say, “You look really good,” and did a little finger gun as he walked away. Logan’s dad said in an Instagram that Moon Knight was Logan’s first appearance. In the same video, Logan finds out he is attending the red carpet, and his face immediately lights up. In the video, we discovered that Logan’s father made his costume. Incredible craftsmanship if we do say so ourselves. Logan was also in the popular Green Goblin segment late this year.

Moon Knight is Marvel’s newest hero or, more importantly, the most recent vigilante. An ex- U.S. Marine who gains incredible powers thanks to the Egyptian moon god must balance his life as a superhero and his dissociative disorder. There will be a total of six episodes featuring the character in this short series.

Keep reading to learn more about cosplayers, creators, and others who attended this amazing event.

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