A Dual Persona: Daredevil Fan Captivates with Cosplays of Matt Murdock and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen

Cosplayers are an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents.

Fans of Netflix’s Daredevil have come up with a cosplay that incorporates Matt Murdock’s characters: his lawyer day job and the vigilante who is known as the Devil in Hell’s Kitchen during Season 1.

Reddit user Confident_Door8862 has shared a series of photos featuring his self in two costumes. Three of the images show the cosplayer in the suit, with tie, Daredevil’s trademark red glasses, and a slick of hair. As a reference to the character’s ability to get smashed during fights and leave injuries he attempted to conceal in daylight hours, the character includes a bloody lip as well as a few bandages covering his face.

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The other two photos illustrate the black and white outfit Matt used to wear for his vigilante missions in Season 1, complete with a mask to cover his eyes, and ropes wrapped around his arms.

Daredevil’s TV Evolution Through Costumes

Daredevil premiered on Netflix in 2015. Charlie Cox played Matt Murdock, a lawyer by day who was secretly the Daredevil of Hell’s Kitchen. Matt received a red suit with a helmet resembling the one that are featured in Marvel comics, which inspired the show. He was later referred to as Daredevil.

Cox has reprised the role in two Marvel Cinematic Universe projects since Daredevil‘s cancelation in 2018, and will be the lead in a new series that will premiere in 2024 titled Daredevil: Born Again. Cox appeared in the 2021 version of Spider-Man The Way Home as Peter Parker’s lawyer, without a mention of his superhero character. However, in the Disney+ show She-Hulk Cox played Daredevil wearing a yellow and red costume that pays homage to the comic character’s first outfit.

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Daredevil : Born Again will bring Cox together with his Daredevil actors Vincent D’Onofrio, and Jon Bernthal in their roles as Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. Kingpin and Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher. At the very least, one Daredevil character is being cast to be part of the new series, however currently, it’s not confirmed if any other actors from the Netflix Marvel series will be being recast for the reboot of the MCU.

All of the episodes of Daredevil are available to stream now on Disney+. Daredevil Born Again will debut in 2024, with the first season consisting with 18 episodes.

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