Attack on Titan’s Powerful Armored Titan Captured in Stunning Steam-Infused Cosplay

Belgian cosplayer Hartigan Cosplay brings Armored Titan from Attack on Titan to life as he steps onto the field in jaw-dropping costumes.

Belgian cosplayer Hartigan Cosplay released a video showcasing his award-winning Attack on Titan model.

The clip revealed the legendary Armored Titan who, together with the Colossal Titan, destroyed Wall Maria and set the Shonen series in motion. Hartigan in titan armor walks toward the camera in what appears to be an artist’s studio. The angle is altered in a way to show his massive. The actor spits out at the camera and “screams” in silence while showing off a functional resin jaw and horrendous titan teeth.

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The costume is made from latex upholstery foam, latex, and PU resin. It took 350 hours to create. The mask is fitted with LEDs and can be removed without losing its light. A mechanical function allows the jaw to move in tandem with Hartigan’s, which exposes set of teeth which emit smoke when you open. The arms, back, and calves are covered with zippers that are large and black. A network of wires connects the inside of the. Mimicking a muscle-like texture, Hartigan used a soldering iron to burn lines into his foam, then applied numerous layers of red lax over it. To protect himself from overheating, the cosplay was wearing a cooling vest and spandex suit under the costume. The final product measured 198cm.

Redditors flooded the comments section with inquiries about how the costume was made, to which Hartigan responded with a mixture of humor and remarks. When some users expressed concerns over the ease of wearing the suit, the crafter detailed how he got through the temperatures. Hartigan said, “Over 9,000” when someone wanted to know how hard it was to move within the suit.

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On July 17 on the 17th of July at Twitchcon Amsterdam 2022, this costume won 1st prize in the “FX” category due to its impressive presentation of special effects. Other category winners were Vilina Cosplay and Model (“Larger Than Life”) Dia-nae Cosplay (“Needle Work”) and searsha_craft (“Armor”). The contest was judged by MCroft07 and legendary cosplayers Cinderys and Lady Sundae. Hartigan has won a host of awards which include a double category prize for his performance of World of Warcraft’sBolvar Fordragon (“Cosplay” Best in Show”) at BlizzConline 2020.

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