A Blazing Representation: Sailor Moon’s Most Fiery Scout Materializes Through Cosplay

Sailor Mars, the Pretty Guardian with firepower is brought to life in an incredible cosplay that took “a lot of trial and error” to create.

The hot Sailor Mars has been brought into real life by a talented Sailor Moon fan.

Lex Lunar uploaded pictures of the stunning cosplay to Reddit. According to the creator, the outfit required “a LOT of trial and trial” to construct. “I did countless mockups and alterations before even making contact with the final fabric. The only formal sewing class I’ve taken were the home economics classes at the school system, but I’d like to master more professional techniques to make my work more ‘finished’ inside.”

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Lex Lunar brought Sailor Mars to life, but he’s also not only the protector of the solar system. Reddit has many photos of the amazing Sailor Uranus cosplay, as also images of Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter. A picture of Lex Lunar taking part in cosplay in a group with Witchy Sailor Scouts is also available.

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga written by Naoko Takeuchi appeared in Kodansha’s Shojo magazine Nakayoshi between December 1991 and February 1997, producing 52 chapters of content. The plot centers around Usagi Tsukino (a middle school student) who is given magical powers by a mysterious artifact dubbed the Legendary Silver Crystal. She transforms into a fictional magical girl. As she battles to prevent the destruction of Earth and the universe as a whole, Sailor Moon finds many allies who also take up the title of Pretty Guardian.

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Sailor Mars’ Popularity

Them, One of these allies is Rei Hino, known as Sailor Mars, who wields the fire’s power. Rei is introduced at the beginning of the tale as a shrine maiden, which means that alongside her ability to pyro kinetically move, she can make use of Ofuda charms and possesses the psychic ability to see. The character quickly resonated with Sailor Moon fans, as evidenced by a 1993 popularity survey in which she came in at the sixth spot. Mars was a star in Casablanca Memories, her short story about her life that explored her past.

Even though Takeuchi’s manga was canceled nearly 30 years ago, its story is still a cultural cornerstone and has inspired a variety of fan-created content. Beyond the Lex Lunar’s Sailor Moon cosplay, professional cosplayer and model Tami Yuurei perfectly captured Sailor Neptune’s refined but cold persona. Also, a piece of crossover fan art thought of how would be the Forgers from Spy x Family would look like as Sailor Scouts.

Kodansha Comics North America distributes the Sailor Moon manga, while Turnaround Publishers Services UK distributes the manga in the UK.

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