Regal Revival: Black Adam Cosplayer Channels Adrianna Tomaz’s Vintage Isis Ensemble

Latina Cosplayer Lis Wonder turns into DC superhero Isis as she imagines what Isis might look like in the DCU film Black Adam.

Lis Wonder was imagining the way Adrianna Tomaz would play the Black Adam character from DCU’s film and would be portrayed as her super-powered alter-ego Isis.

The Latina cosplayer recently shared some pictures of her as an accurate comics character Isis on Twitter. “I enjoyed #BlackAdam and the JSA… I want to see more!” I want Isis!” Wonder added to the photos. “This cosplay was a fun project. I love my [Berserker Customs] custom-made 3D Isis jewelry!” Sarah Shahi played Isis’ human counterpart Adrianna Tomaz in Black Adam. This portrays Isis as an archaeologist and resistance fighter in Intergang-controlled Kahndaq.

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Adrianna Tomaz first appeared in DC Comics’ 52#3 (May 2006) as an infected Egyptian refugee who is taken to Black Adam as a gift from Intergang. Adrianna was able to change the perception of the powerful superhero by being with him for a while and allowing him to be released. Black Adam, who was thankful for his assistance and support, gave the Amulet of Isis to Adrianna. This allowed her control over numerous aspects of the world. While Black Adam was Adrianna’s first live-action movie, the character and the superhero that portrayed it, Captain Marvel (now named Shazam) was previously played by Erica Cerra and Tala Ashe DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Black Adam Characters May Get Spinoff Films

Although Shahi’s Adrianna Tomaz is unable to be a hero within the DCU, Black Adamstar and producer Dwayne Johnson have hinted that future spinoff films may depict the character’s transformation into Isis. “We have a few ideas of who the audience is most likely to like in Black Adam, and we’re already looking ahead to: ‘Let’s get started thinking about that movie, and what the movie will look like for those who love them as well,'” Johnson said in August 2022. Other Black Adam characters who might be given solo films are Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Atom Smasher. Cyclone also appeared in the film as a Justice Society member.

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Black Adam has currently earned over $350 million globally after four weeks of being in theaters. A sequel is in development and plans are in the works for a Black Adam film that will feature Johnson’s antihero facing Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel. But, it is unlikely for fans to see the two DC titans fight anytime soon since Johnson recently said that they have “a lot of long-term storytelling to complete before the historical DCEU showdown, and there are more new characters to develop before the Black Adam/Superman battle].”

Black Adam is currently playing in theaters.

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