One Piece Meets Gender-Fluid Fashion: Weevil Cosplay Gets a Creative Twist

One Piece’s Weevil or Whitebeard Jr. gets a new look thanks to this stunning gender-swapped costume by a Straw Hat Pirates superfan.

This cosplay is a perfect representation of One Piece The Weevil and gives him an amazing new look that is gender-swapped.

Reddit user Kappy_w uploaded her original Edward Weevil rendition to the site. The self-professed son and Strongest Man in the World Edward Newgate were recently portrayed by Kappy_w, a cosplayer. Kappy’s character is an overalls outfit with Weevil’s Jolly Roger running across the front. To give her long, bushy locks a more well-organized and well-maintained look She wears a huge blonde wig. The iconic Weevil’s features are also incorporated into her makeup, such as his scars, nose plaster, and his perpetually dripping nostrils.

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There was a lot of praise from the comments on her reinterpretation of the character. One commenter called out the work she did on her teeth, stating that “the teeth are an excellent touch,” with another calling attention to her makeup, “awesome job with the scars.” Finally, a few reactors noted the rarity of people cosplaying Weevil in the first place. one Reddit user wrote, “I don’t think I’ve seen any Weevil cosplay, ever. You’re very well-deserved.” There are numerous other comments of praise and praise in the comments section.

Making Weevil’s look more interesting

Kappy posted in the comments to share her thoughts. One major modification was the mustache of Weevil that she fashioned into eyebrows. Kappy shared a link to her Instagram account (@kappy_w) that featured a photo of the amazing costume, along with pictures of her progress and her makeup. There are also other One Piece cosplays such as Chopper, Sanji, and Pappag as well as pictures of her makeup procedure.

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One Piece is one of the most loved anime franchises ever and has been one of the major pillars of Weekly Shonen Jump for decades. The series is based on Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures along with his crew of the Straw Hat Pirates as they seek out the treasure of Gold Roger the legendary Pirate — often referred to as “One Piece”.

Crunchyroll has anime in Japanese. The One Piece live-action Netflix adaptation will be available by 2023.

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