Arrow and Final Flash Crossover Title Unveiled by Stephen Amell

Arrow star Stephen Amell reveals the title for The Flash Season 9, Episode 9 which promises a last crossover between Barry and Oliver.

Stephen Amell, the Arrow Star, has revealed the title for the ninth episode in the ninth season of The Flash. This promises one final crossover between Barry Allen/The Flash and Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

Amell posted a photo of the title screen from The Flash Season 9 Episode 9. This revealed that the episode’s title is “It’s my Party and I’ll go to the grave should I wish to.” This title is a reference to pop star Lesley Gore’s 1963 hit song “It’s My Party,” which debuted on her debut album I’ll Cry If I Want To.

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In a separate blog post, Amell also shared what is believed to be a portion of Oliver’s lines from the coming crossover episode. “Ok… Ok… Ok, Barry… Barry let go… BARRY LET GO!!!” The tweet reads. “It’s My Party And I’ll Die If I Wish To” is directed by Danielle Panabaker from a script written by Sam Chalsen and Emily Palizzi.

The Flash’s Final Run Continues

The Flash Season 9 has aired six of 13 episodes at the time of the writing. Episode 7 “Wildest Dreams” is set to air next Wednesday the 29th of March. However, Amell was confirmed to reprise his role as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow before the time that the show’s debut. This is despite the fact Oliver died in the final season of Arrow several years back. Yet, Amell’s return is symbolically given that Flash Season 9 marks not only the end of the show but also effectively wraps up the Arrowverse.

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The Flashinitially was aired on The CW in 2014, arising from the episodes of ArrowSeason 2 the previous year. When all was finished, Arrowran for an entire eight seasons, ending in January 2020. Although The Flash has been able to beat Arrowby for a season, Scarlet Speedster’s solo show still is determined to remember its origins as it nears its finish line.

The new episodes of The Flash Season 9 air every Wednesday on The CW.

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