The Meaning Behind Sanji’s Eyebrow Evolution in One Piece

Eiichiro Oda puts to bed fan speculations about Sanji’s shifting eyes, offering a clear solution to one of the manga’s latest mysteries.

Fans now know why Sanji’s famous curly eyebrows are moving in the latest One Piece chapters.

An article written by Anime Dork revealed the fact that One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has spoken out about the brow changes of the Straw Hat cook. This indicates that the character’s character arc is deliberate. Sanji’s right eyebrow had been spiraling towards the end of the series. However, chapter 1031 witnessed it shift to the inner part as did his Germa66 siblings. By chapter 1044, Sanji’s eyebrow returned to its original position, much to the dismay of some readers, but Oda has now cleared this up by stating that the spiral is a reflection of Sanji’s greater transformation in his fight with Queen, leading to the awakening of his superhuman abilities.

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The audience learns the story of Sanji was born to the Vinsmoke Judge family. His father conducted experiments on his children to transform them into super soldiers. While both Sanji, as well as One Piece fans, believed that the cook did not manifest his transplanted powers or the emotional numbness that comes along with them, during his fight against Beast Pirate lead performer Queen, Sanji unlocked those abilities amid battle and was previously depicted in the anime. In addition to his power-up, Sanji’s behavior also changed, and he became crueler and colder than his siblings. Manga readers have now seen once again during his battle with S-Shark, which is part of the current Egghead Island arc.

There’s a lot more to Learn About Sanji

Eagle-eyed fans noticed Sanji’s brow alter in line with his personality while fighting the Jimbe Seraphim, highlighting Oda’s statement about the rationale for the design changes. Similar to Luffy’s appearance shifts in his Gear power-ups, Sanji’s brow appears to be an indication to readers that the Straw Hat cook is utilizing his Germa 66 abilities. Despite this dramatic change in Sanji’s mental state, Oda has encouraged readers to stay attentive to Sanji’s tale, which suggests there’s more to learn about the character before the series concludes.

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Fans can follow Sanji and the other members of the Straw Hat crew in the One Piece manga that is available in English from VIZ Media. The anime is also back after a three-week hiatus, with Episode 1054 titled “Death to Your Partner!” Crunchyroll has Killer’s, Deadly Gamble!

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