One Piece Luffy’s Biggest Fight Ever Beat by Naruto’s Bathroom Battle in Streaming Views

Naruto fans still tune in as a Boruto bathroom fight garnered more views than Luffy’s brawl against Kaido, The King of the Beasts.

A funny bathroom brawl in Boruto. Naruto Next Generations has accumulated more views that a major One Piece fight.

A recent post on the Facebook page “Daily Dose of Anime”, shows that Boruto’s “Bathroom Battle” received over 9.2 million views on YouTube. This beat Luffy’s Kaido fight almost by 5 million views. These numbers are quite surprising considering that the bathroom fight was purely for comedy purposes and Kaido is Luffy’s most famous and powerful foe. Boruto’s toilet battle had approximately 9.5 million views at the time of writing.

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What is Naruto’s Bathroom Battle?”

Boruto’s Bathroom Battle is when Boruto or Kawaki argue about who should go to the toilet first. They reluctantly comply with Naruto’s order to go outside after the current bathroom occupant has ordered them. After some bickering over who should stand where the dispute escalates into an all-out fight which Naruto quickly breaks up. Naruto complains that the “damn children” should let him go to the bathroom “in peace”.

Luffy’s fight against Kaido, the self-proclaimed “World’s Strongest Creature”, was a much-anticipated showdown in history. It served as the culmination of the ongoing “Wano County” arc. Although Luffy and Kaido have fought before, this fight was the decisive one for Wano Country. Luffy wanted to liberate Kaido from his tyranny. This scene is explosive. Luffy unleashes a devastating attack called Red Roc on his beast-like opponent, completely incapacitating him.

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Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto manga series was officially terminated in November 2014, after nearly 15 years of serialization. Boruto, Naruto Next Generations continues to tell the story of the father and son. Boruto made his debut in the 2015 movie Boruto. The adventures of Boruto continued in the Boruto Next Generations Manga. Ukyo Kodachi was the first writer. After the 51st chapter was published, Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto took over the series. Pierrot’s anime adaptation of Pierrot premiered in 2017. He is currently adapting the manga’s “Code Invasion” story arc. Boruto part II was approved for production after circulated reports that the anime would be taking a break. Part II’s final episode, Episode 293, will be released on March 26.

Crunchyroll streams Boruto and One Piece.

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