Fixing Post-Game Problems in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: DLC Needs

Despite Pokemon’s success, it leaves the fans with little to do at end of each story. So Pokemon Scarlett or Violet’s DLC needs to be different.

The series has been enjoyed by millions of gamers for more than 20 years. These powerful, elemental creatures are a world that keeps players coming back for more. Game Freak’s popular franchise has broken sales records numerous times, but there seems to be a limit to how many fun experiences titles such as Pokemon Scarlett or Violet have to offer.

There was a limit to what content could be found. Pokemon, or other monster-catching titles like Monster Hunter Stories II: Wings of Ruin are games that fans can expect to be immersed in an amazing world full of adventure and critters. Pokemon Scarlet violet is the latest game in the series. The possibilities stop at the end of the main story. Many Pokemon titles offer post-game content. However, this doesn’t stop fans from enjoying the games. Silver and Violet are the upcoming DLCs that should correct this.

What Pokemon’s post-game needs to succeed

Pokemon Scarlet & Purple: Once fans defeat Sada or AI, Professor Turo, they’ll learn that they can challenge the Gym Leaders with their full strength. Once they’ve completed the Paldea region walk, fans will be told about Academy Ace Tournament. This serves as a strong hand against numerous trainers and teachers fans have met on their journey. However, the narrative-driven after-game content in Pokestop and violet is finished. This is a common problem with the franchise.

Many Pokemon gaming games offer special events or quests that can be completed at the end. In Sword, and Protect, fans can witness an epilogue featuring Sordwards and Shielbert. The adventure cannot continue forever, and the franchise recently failed to provide any kind of postgame loop to the main features. This has made the remaining content feel tedious to some players. Because players can only confront one trainer at a time, many titles feel like a tedious trek. You’re fighting wild Pokemon while trying to complete the Pokedex. Sometimes you may even be trying to grind items at Battle Facility.

How Pokemon Scarlett, Violet, and the Hidden Treasure of Zone Zero Can Bring Life into Paldea

DLC is an exciting new feature for the mainline Pokemon games, but fans can still look back to what was done in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion passes to build anticipation for The Hidden Treasure from Area Zero. Generation 8’s Expansion Card gave fans two sets of DLC, each with their own stories and features. Some features weren’t locked behind DLC. special Pokemon captured within the Isle of Armor, Crown Tundra expansions were available for trade to those who hadn’t yet bought the pass.

It is possible to speculate that The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero could have updates that make Pokemon Scarlet (and Purple) more worthwhile. The Indigo Disk DLC will likely require you to finish the main story before you can start your adventure at Blueberry Academy.

All Pokemon Scarlet or Purple lack a gameplay loop to keep players entertained. Blueberry Academy is where “Pokemon combats thrive,” so it seems that the second The Secret Treasure of Area Zero DLC update may offer new mechanics. It would work as players could view the battle academy in a way that they could meet a variety of trainers. This would make it more fun than trying to catch wild Pokemon. Pokemon Scarlet & Vivid are looking for more variety in the endgame to increase their chances of getting future releases.

Pokemon Scarlet is now available on Nintendo Switch. Violet both are available on Nintendo Switch.

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