Against All Odds: The Epic Comeback of the “World’s Greatest Loser” in Record of Ragnarok

Brunhilde’s group is facing a wall in Netflix’s Record of Ragnarok. But, thanks to World’s Greatest Loser and their incredible win, they can pull off a remarkable victory.

Netflix anime Record of Ragnarokcenters upon a tournament that Brunhilde devised at the millennial Meeting of the Gods to determine humanity’s fate. It’s a tournament with thirteen battles, where a man takes on god and the winner is declared the victor.

Brunhilde’s team was unable to overcome Zeus or his pantheon during a tournament to determine humanity’s fate. Brunhilde realizes it’ll be hard to win even though the Valkyrie powerups made humanity’s champions stronger. Kojiro Samaki may be the world’s greatest loser. But he was able to deliver an astonishing win due to a hidden technique.

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Kojiro Sashaki’s Repeated Losses Led Him to How to Win

Kojiro wasn’t the greatest ever swordsman. He was not a legend, making the crowd nervous. Kojiro wasn’t a proven warrior, but Musashi was there to help. Musashi had killed him. But he knew why Kojiro got chosen. Even though his body was losing fights to the enemy, his mind was keeping track of how to win. Kojiro, a former coward, was now obsessed with energy, nature, and animals after he grew up.

He was proficient in the art and technique of the sword, but he still needed the best fights to absorb their knowledge. He’d lose many duels with his mentor, his dojo mates, or fighters across Europe, just so he could gain from them. Kojiro was able to devise methods to beat them in his brain, but he didn’t implement them. But, his former master visited him at his hut and he could see the marks on the boards and sense the fighters Kojiro’s ‘beat’ in simulations. He would create a matrix from his knowledge if he ever fought them. He could also draw on the expertise of other fighters to tackle new challenges.

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Kojiro defeated Poseidon by Calculating His Moves

Kojiro knew everything a fighter could do from just seeing them enter the arena. Kojiro saw Poseidon enter and was able to detect his muscles and breathing. Kojiro knew all the attacks that Poseidon would throw before he did. He was able to dodge, duck, and counter with every movement.

Poseidon’s full rage seemed like a torrent of sea gods dropping blows. Kojiro, using his two swords, the souls Hrist (The Valkyrie), to end Poseidon’s life, used both her rage and her calm to defeat him. This shocking revelation shocked the gods. It sent the Valhalla arena into raptures, as they saw that mankind wasn’t an underdog. It’s Record Ragnarok who is the greatest loser.

Ragnarok Season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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