Previously Unseen Details Emerge About The Flash Movie’s Scrapped Narrative

Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley discuss their original, smaller-scale visions for The Flash.

The Flash will be a superhero film that has huge implications for DC’s shared cinema universe. John Francis Daley (directors) and Jonathan Goldstein (producer), however, it would have likely been quite different for the Scarlet Speeder to make her first solo big-screen appearance.

Goldstein, Daley, and Variety discussed their vision for The Flash in an interview. Daley explained that the idea of a ground-level superhero was something Daley had suggested. He’s still learning his powers but is also struggling with his life. The more imperfectly we can make a superhero, the better. This is the inherent challenge.

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Why Goldstein, Daley, and The Flash Left

Goldstein, Daley, and their motivations for leaving The Flash were also discussed. Before writing their script, the filmmaking duo met over dinner with Ezra Miller. Goldstein said Miller was “intelligent and very bright”. “Later it became obvious that they didn’t want the same thing as us.” The Flash was notoriously problematic in production. Many authors and directors were involved with the project at one time, including Goldstein & Daley.

Warner Bros. Pictures was interested in Daley and Goldstein to both direct and write The Flash starting in 2018. In 2019, it became clear that Miller was writing a second version of the script along with Grant Morrison (a renowned comic book writer). Warner Bros. decided to reject Miller and Morrison’s draft. However, Goldstein & Daley saw the danger and decided to end the project.

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Daley said that it was a combination of creative differences that led us to the decision to make the move. “We won’t win if the powers that be feel less excited than we are about making the same movie. Goldstein explained that it was better to let go of your problems and move on. Flash Andy Muschietti directed the Flash from a screenplay by Christina Hodson. Joby Harald, Goldstein, Daley, and Daley all received story credits.

Goldstein, Daley, and others recently had the chance to screen Flash. They were able to see traces of their original vision in the final film. Goldstein stated, “They took what was started and ran it and made it a fun and emotive movie.” “We are extremely happy with how everything turned out.”

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Barry Allen Invades the Universe in The Flash

Flash follows Barry Allen/The Flash as he tries to stop his mother’s death. He accidentally causes a ripple that alters the DC Universe. Barry’s actions make it possible for General Zod to live in an era of global domination. Barry teams up to save the day with an alternate version, Kara Zor El/Supergirl (Sasha Calle), the Burton-Verse Bruce Wayne/Batman of Michael Keaton. The film is loosely inspired in part by the 2011 limited series Flashpoint which helped to revive DC’s comic books universe.

After being in the making for many years, This Flash has finally been released in theaters. It has been a difficult road. Miller’s publicized legal woes have also made Miller’s film a controversial subject. Warner Bros. has not yet released the film as Miller is currently being treated for complex mental health problems. Notably, The Flash’s tale has major implications for DC’s upcoming and also appears to have been well received by test audiences.

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Goldstein and Daley are no strangers when it comes to superhero projects. They co-wrote the 2017 Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man. The Dungeons & Monsters: Honor Among Thieves is coming soon for the duo. Goldstein, Daley, and Michael Gilio co-wrote the D&D script.

The Flash enters theaters on June 16

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