Get Your Hands on the Epic Knightfall Batman Figure from McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys unveils brand-new Batman/Bruce Wayne and Robin/Tim Draper figures inspired by DC’s “Knightfall” and “Robin: Reborn” story stories.

McFarlane Toys unveiled new Tim Drake/Robin figures. These figures are basing themselves on “Knightfall” as well as “Robin: Reborn” story stories.

Posting on McFarlane Toys’ Instagram, the new figures are part of the McFarlane Toys Winter Showcase 2023. The post’s caption for the Tim Drake/ Robin figure reads “Oh wait, there are a few more items… First, take a look at Tim Drake(tm) as Robin(TM) from Robin: Reborn(tm). The figure is coming soon The article about the Batman “Knightfall” figure promises that it will be in stock shortly.

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Chuck Dixon Denny O’Neil, Alan Grant, and Doug Moench created “Knightfall”, a 1990s Batman story that saw Bruce Wayne take on Bane. Bane was a brand new villain to Gotham City at the time, had just appeared in 1993’s Batman The Vengeance of Bane #1. Dixon and Graham Nolan.

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Batman and Bane who are tired and suffering from burnout engage in a major fight in Wayne Manor following the time that Batman’s villain releases other antagonists from Arkham Asylum. The outcome of the fight is Batman’s back being broken by Bane’s knee. This can be seen on Kelley Jones’ iconic Batman#497 cover. The moment was also adapted to live-action in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Returns, which was released in the year 2012. “Knightfall” also sees Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael — the character developed by O’Neil Joe Quesada and Peter Milligan who first appeared in 1992 Batman: Sword of Azrael #1 — becoming the Dark Knight while Batman works with Doctor Shondra Kinsolving to recover from his injuries.

McFarlane Toys Winter Showcase Features New Figures. Figures

On March 2, 2023, McFarlane Toys also debuted a number of new Spawnfigures in the McFarlane Toys Winter Showcase 2023. McFarlane Toys currently offers pre-orders for figures for Monolith, Sinn, and Medieval Spawn. They are expected to be released later in 2023. “Sir John of York, killed at the command of his own King, was revived to the world as one of the first true Hell Knights!” The description of the Medieval Spawn figure is as follows. “Eventually captured by the Church and entrusted with the destruction of Spawn He was executed. He is now an atoner and is being captured by the Church.

For more details, visit McFarlane Toys’ website.

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