Marvel’s What If…? fans recreate the raw power of Infinity Ultron through cosplay

A series of photos see What if …? Infinity Ultron, from the animated Marvel series, brought to life by a beautiful and appropriately creepy costume.

Infinity Ultron’s power comes to life in this series of photos featuring a gorgeously designed but also eerie WhatIf …?cosplay.

Reddit share by u/MHCreativeGrain. The first photo shows the cosplayer dressed in costume and balancing on the wind. MHCreativeGrain appears to be Vision and squints at the camera in the second picture. Final photos add a little more spice to the scene by including elements like Infinity Stones or the helmet’s glowing eyes. This adds to the creepiness of cosplay. MHCreativeGrain is holding Infinity Ultron’s double-headed lance.

The What if …? director Bryan Andrews talked about what stories the series’ upcoming second, and third seasons of Marvel animated show will be telling in 2022. Andrews stated that Marvel Studios President and Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige wanted to keep their first season “a little closer.” He explained that one element would be different from others and have the same impact on all elements but still link them to a specific movie or a specific moment from the movie. Andrews indicated that’s production crew doesn’t need to be able to watch “just a little bit” given the number of Marvel Cinematic Universe projects and films.

“We can expand and things get a lot wackier,” said he. Season two is a step up, while season three takes things to the next level. Season two has new characters and we can see how they integrate with our favorite characters. There are so many cool things and I can’t WAIT to see them.

Marvel Studios’ Head, of Animation Brad Winderbaum, commented that Season 3 would allow Marvel Studios to “go a bit deeper” with their characters, most notably The Watcher. Winderbaum stated, “It is a Multiverse Story, they are standalone stories but there is a serialized dimension to it because there has been this narrator that loves the subjects, he’s an ultimate fanboy.” “He watches as we all do. These characters are dear to him as well. We can get to know more about his humanity in the second and third seasons.

Season 2 of What if is set to debut on Disney+ in 2023.

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