Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain’s Writer Tini Howard Reconnects Braddocks to Home

Tini Howard teases Betsy Braddock, Brian her brother, and Rachel on their plans in ‘Betsy Braddock. Captain Britain.

Captain Britain made a triumphant return to Britain after the war in Otherworld. But not everyone wants him back. BETSY BRADDOCK, CAPTAIN BRITAIN focuses on Betsy Braddock with her brothers Jamie (and their sons Brian) setting up shop in Braddock Isle. While Betsy’s decision, controversy surrounds the move. Reuben Brousseau will be the latest threat to her life. When the going gets tough, she will have her trusted friend Rachel Summers AKA Askani by her side.’s Betty Braddock: Captain Britain writer Tini, Howard, gave a glimpse of the future for Rachel, the Braddocks, and Captain Britain Corps. She opened the forum to new readers and shared her favorite throwbacks of her EXCALIBUR. She also highlighted the work of Vasco Georgiaiev, promising Betsy “more luggage” and much more.

MARVEL.COM’s BETSY BRADDOCK: CAPTAIN BritAIN #1 picks up from the KNIGHTS OX run. What would YOU tell a potential reader to help them catch up on the new series launch?

TINI HOWARDThis one’s meant for our new friends. If you’re new or not familiar with Captain Britain’s Krakoan X-Men era, please come in. Folks who enjoyed KNIGHTS OF X will be excited to see the aftereffects of the war in Otherworld, Captain Britain’s emancipation from the Roma/Saturnyne/Merlyn triangle, and how they come into play here. Although you don’t really need this information to enjoy the book, it is moving beneath the surface in ways we will see impact the storyline.

MARVEL.COM. Which BETTY BRADDOCK, CAPTAIN BritAIN character did you first fall in love with? And which one grew on you as you worked on the series?

Tini HOWARD: My passion is writing about the Braddocks as well as their extended family of close friends and loved ones. It is part of the joy of this book to be able to visit them at home and see them again. While I wouldn’t say that they ever had to mature on me, the members of S.T.R.I.K.E. These guys have been great to work with. It was the first time that I had the opportunity to explore their personalities and take on different approaches.

MARVEL.COM. The Braddocks have reunited under one roof. How has their dynamic changed in the past year they lived together?

TINI HOWARD Rachel and Brian lived together at the lighthouse in the Excalibur days. So, it’s just… hilarious to me that she is back as Brian’s sister. Rachel enjoys spending time with Captain Britain.

All the siblings live together, there’s even a computer down in the basement… it’s almost like the old days. Vasco has taken a beautiful shot in the issue’s first issue. It is full of Full House energy.

MARVEL.COM. Betsy is back in Marvel Universe, and Rachel is officially back! What impact does their return to Earth-616 have on their relationship?

TINI HOWARD They now live together in England! I’m not sure if they actually decided to do it. It was probably just a sleepover. Girls who love other girls… sometimes. Rachel, now Askani, is able to play a significant role in Captain Britain’s life without being manipulated by another magic investor. It is love that allows the team-up to occur. Good stuff.

MARVEL.COM. Reuben Brousseau has not stopped doing evil, but he has a powerful new ally. We should be concerned about the Captain Britain Corps.

Tini HOWARD: Reuben might be the only powerbroker trying to bring Betsy to her knees. We’ll continue the series and learn more about these people and why they are involved. Issue #4 shows that things are as serious as they get. I’m looking forward to working with you.

MARVEL.COM. Please tell me about your collaboration with Vasco Georgiev. What were his contributions to the book? Did they delight or surprise you?

TINI HOARD: It is my first time working alongside Vasco, and it’s a great experience. Each incredible artist has blessed me during my time on Captain Britain. Betsy fans are pretty spoilt these days by incredible musicians, so it was a high order. Vasco delivers. Vasco has a way of capturing Braddock Manor from the battle scenes to his embraces. I enjoy working with him.

MARVEL.COM. This issue features a number of Captain Britains. Except for the original, which one was your favorite, and why?

TINI HOARD: I don’t think she appears in this issue but I do love the Violet Swan. She’s Captain Britain and a mean psychic. Betsy might be a “mean psychological bird”, so it works.

MARVEL.COM. What are YOU most excited about for readers in BETSY BRADDOCK: CAPTAIN BRITAIN #1?

TINI HOWARD I’m sure Captain Britain’s rise to the Marvel Multiverse was a highlight, as well as Betsy & Rachel’s very good looks and kisses.

MARVEL.COM. The Captain Britain title has a complicated history (and possibly some baggage). What do You Hope BETSY BRADDOCK: CAPTAIN Britain Adds to That Legacy?

TINI HOWARD: Oh, more baggage, certainly–emotionally and literally. She just moved back to her home, and she has all her clothes.

Tini Howard and Vasco Georgiaiev’s BETSY BRADDOCK: CAPTAIN BRITAIN #1 are on sale now!

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