The Missing Piece: How Jewelry Bonney’s Abilities Might Help Recover Kuma’s Memory

Bonney works to restore her dad’s humanity. However, Bonney may find the process more challenging.

This contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1074, “MK. III,” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone. Also available in English via Viz Media

Jewelry Bonney traveled to Egghead for a specific reason. She hopes Dr. Vegapunk will restore the humanity he took away from her father Bartholomew Kuma, by turning him into a cyborg. Finding the place where Kuma’s memories were stored seems to have been a huge step in her direction. This could be due to her own set of difficulties.

Kuma has no memories on a disk or compact device. He used his Paw Paw Paw abilities to expel his memories in the form of a giant bubble. Someone other than him can transport these memories. However, this would raise the question of how he can get them back into his body. Bonney is open to this possibility, so maybe in classic one-piece fashion, there is a way she can get these memories back from her father and bring back his humanity.

Bonney Can Restore Kuma’s Memories to Him.

There are two options to bring Kuma’s memories back. The first is to bring Kuma back to Egghead, and then have him walk into the bubble containing his memories. Kuma is currently on the Red Line and is not able to fulfill that option.

Kuma won’t be able to travel to the bubble. Therefore, the bubble must be brought to Kuma. Bonney will have the task of stepping into the bubble to take all the memories in herself. This process is already underway. Bonney will be the one to end the bubble. This would effectively make Bonney the compact transport for her father’s memories.

Bonney might be able to take Kuma’s memories away from Egghead, but she still needs to find a way of putting them back in their original owners. To convince Kuma, she would need to use his powers and expel her memories. He then has to take the memories back into herself. Whether Kuma can accept a request from someone who is not associated with the World Government will determine if this can be achieved. Vegapunk may also be able to order Kuma to do it if he holds an Authority Chip similar to the Seraphim. Once it’s known why the Red Line has been climbed by the Former Warlord, it should become clear whether he is still free to do so.

Bonney could also be asking herself if she wants to give Kuma the memories. The true purpose of Bonney taking in the memories is to better understand Kuma. It could cost her all of her effort to understand him. Only way to prevent this is if she can read Kuma’s memories. If she can, those memories will be returned to their owners and she can continue her character arc.

Bonney’s goal is exhaustive. She is already having a hard time looking through all of Kuma’s memories. Even though she has a good idea of the technical process for transferring memories back to their owner but he is far away, and it is difficult to reach her. If she ever hopes to be reunited with her father, she’ll need to invest a lot of time, effort, and determination.

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