If You Loved Chainsaw Man, 10 Manga You Should Read

No doubt the Makima simps around the world are suffering from severe post-season withdrawals now, that Chainsaw Male Tuesdays have become a distant memory. We have a list of rare manga that you can look at if you are still looking for something to review.

For those who are looking for an anime-only solution to their next bombastic Power saw Man-esque activity, the obvious choice is to read Fire Punch (be aware: it’s anxiety objectified) and then to dive into the Power saw Guy manga. (You’re looking at chapter 39, btw). If you are looking for an action-packed manga to review after watching the anime, here are 10 great manga.

1. ChoujinX

Choujin X is a great choice if you enjoy the devilish styles of Power seen Male and also have a passion for Tokyo Ghoul’s story writing. Sui Ishida produced it. It follows Tokio Kurohara, a high schooler who is unlucky, and his friend Azuma Higashi as they are forced to join a supernormal society that is half-human, and half-demons known as Choujin guideline. Choujin, like the Tokyo Ghoul ghouls, are powerful entities with metaphysical powers who struggle to survive near the bottom of society.

Tokio’s extraordinary Choujin powers transform him into a vulture-like creature. He’s a manga lead character that is very different from Denji. Tokio is not as courageous and strong-willed like his childhood friend. He’s a bit of a wimp who wants nothing more than to avoid problems. Azuma with his often brave qualities would be a significant character if this manga was in other hands. This manga is a must-read, as Tokyo’s struggles and successes towards becoming a fully realized Choujin are far more interesting than grinding to a halt. Ishida fans will be happy to know that he has improved the imagination and clarity of motion below. This is remarkable considering that it was difficult to understand the activity scenes in the latter parts of Tokyo Ghoul.

2. Dai Dark

Chainsaw Man lovers who are looking for space-faring adventures and wallpaper-worthy manga panels, should check out Dai Dark. It is another joint from Q Hayashida (Dorohedoro) and it cooperates with Zaha Sanko, a teenager who’s being sought across the galaxy to find his body parts. Especially his skeleton which can grant any kind of dream to any being. No one wants their skeleton to be taken while they are still using it. Zaha and his scary terrifying skeletal companions must find the man who cursed Zaha’s bones to live in peace.If you liked the brutalist landscapes and also the charming-yet-offputting character layouts in Hayashida’s Dorohedoro, Dai Dark preserves that very same level of style as well as quality, specifically with its yoked-up Noi-equivalent personality, Shimada Fatality.

3. Dandadan

Yukinobu Takatsu’s Dandadan blends some of the most terrifying horror images in Junji Ito stories with some of the most hilarious rom-com situational humor that I have ever seen. Dandadan is about Momo Ayase, a high school girl who believes in ghosts, and Ken Takakura (the school’s greatest geek that believes aliens exist). After provoking a schoolyard attack, Momo and Ken become best friends. They must both search a haunted site and disprove the existence of the paranormal. Unfortunately, both find out they are right after being abducted by aliens.

Dandadan will be a great choice if you enjoyed Denji and Aki’s nuts-cracking requiem for Himeno touching.

4. Devilman G

Devilman Grimoire is a retelling of the classic seinen horror manga Devilman. It was created by Go Nagai, and Rui Takatou. Devilman G, however, is a more complete and rounded version of the Devilman Crybaby Netflix series. It also features monster designs and characters that were inspired by Toei Animation’s 1970s anime. Although the story is essentially the same as the other versions, Devilman G has a crucial change in how it treats its heroine Miki Makimura. Miki is no longer a helpless woman in distress that Akira Fudo must rescue. Instead, she has all-powerful witch powers. Another welcome interpretation of Miki’s personality is that her powers are what triggered Akira’s transformation into the satanic force king Amon. Let’s go, Miki.

5. Hell’s Paradise

Mappa’s animated adaptation of Heck’s Paradise, Jigokuraku will stream on Crunchyroll this springtime. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your time and browse its beautiful manga panels. This is true if you can find any at your local bookshop. These young puppies are a hot commodity and sell like hot cakes every time they restock. It’s a good thing, too: Hell’s Heaven really is amazing.Heck’s Heaven by Yuujikaku- Power saw Guy maker Fujimoto’s ex-aide-follows a group of detainees as well as the death squads that are charged with supervising them. They discover a mysterious island named Kotaku for the elixir to life and get an excuse from the Shogun. The manga’s self-destruction team of convicts experiences the island’s deadly flora, as well as its equally treacherous and never-ending residents.

6. Inuyashiki

You may have seen the web meme where an anime personality drinks down a scared female about how hot the latest chapter of One Piece is. It comes from Inuyashiki. This sci-fi manga has more character checks than just how much you like One Piece.

Hiroya Oku’s sci-fi drama Inuyashiki is about a lonely infant boomer named Ichirou Inuyashiki. Ichirou has a great cry in the park with his dog while taking a walk. Then he discovers an extraterrestrial being that gives him a mechanical body. The rest of the story follows Ichirou’s difficult journey as a superhero in his community who struggles to keep his humanity.

7. Jagaaaaaan

Jagaaaaan is a supernatural manga that tells the story of Shintarou Jagasaki, a frustrated cop. It was created by Kensuke Nishida, and Blue Lock creator Muneyuki Kanneshiro. Shintarou dreams of a day when he can openly fire the entire length of his police-issued pistol at anyone who isn’t looking at him. As it were, art imitates life. Things turn sour when a man wearing a demon’s mask kills his partner. Shintaro just as Shintaro is about meet his ancestors, shoots a bullet from his fingertips at the perpetrator.

Shintarou was actually infected by a frog-like creature called a Mad Xenopus, which can alter the physiology and desires of humans. Shinatarou, a trigger-happy Shinatarou, must now use his newfound powers in order to swiftly “justice” people who have been transformed into monsters. He also needs to save his fiancee from becoming one. It’s all very predictable.

8. Kaijiu No.8

Kaiju No. 8. by Naoya Mizumoto. This shonen manga does something most don’t do: It has its primary character as an adult. Kaiju No. 8 agrees with Kafka Hibino (32-year-old sanitation worker) who cleans up after kaiju fights. Kafka had never dreamed of working in a blue-collar, unrecognized job. He pictured himself as a young man joining the army to fight the monsters.

Kafka is able to contact a Kaiju and transform himself into a humanoid Kaiju. Kafka must conceal his new abilities while pursuing his childhood dream to become a member of Japan’s Kaiju Protection Corps. Kaiju No. Manufacturing I.G has also granted 8 an anime adjustment. This adaptation is expected to debut at some point in the future.

9. Parayte

Parasyte is a sci-fi manga by HitoshiIwaaki that centers on Shinichi Izumi, a high school student who is enslaved by Migi, a parasitical creature. Migi, a parasitical animal named Migi, falls short of taking over Shinichi’s entire body. Instead, Migi forms a codependent relationship with Shinichi by occupying his ideal hand. As they battle other bloodsuckers, there is an odd couple connection. Parasyte can be incredibly heartfelt, bizarre, and gross.

10. Neverland, the promised land

The Promised Neverland is a horror manga by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu. It’s one of the best of the decade. It depicts the lives of several children at Grace Field House, a dystopian orphanage. These children’s seemingly happy lives are disrupted when they discover the truth behind their older siblings’ “college graduations”. The truth is that the brand names of these children are akin to livestock and all the effort they put into evaluating their mental ability was for them to be used as food by the eldritch beings who live outside their substance. We won’t ever need a Chicken Run anime, because The Assured Neverland is currently available.It is a game full of lies and double-crossing. The main characters Emma, Ray, and Norman stage a jailbreak at their orphanage. The Assured Neverland anime season one is a great adaptation. However, I suggest that viewers not only avoid the second season but also read the manga. CloverWorks decided to speedrun through the source material, and also skip nearly 60 chapters of manga, including fan-favorite Goldy fish pond arc. Yeesh.

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